21 South African brands most liked by the youth

South Africa’s youth have voted for their favourite 21 brands, revealing a mix between banking, retail, and the mobile phones they like the most – or more accurately, can afford.

Market research company, Ask Afrika Group, revealed Nokia as the winner of its Youth Brands Awards, which measures which brands are used loyally among people aged 15-34, irrespective of background and living standard.

Food retailer Shoprite was second overall, followed by affordable fashion retailer Mr Price, and Edgars.

In the 2015 edition of the survey, 21 Youth Brands were identified, followed by winners across 72 product categories.

The Ask Afrika Youth Brands survey interviewed a sample of 8,374 youth consumers and the survey represents the views of 11,952,000 youth living in South Africa.

“In the South African market, the changing traditional family structure has elevated the youth’s influence in purchasing decisions. Understanding what makes them tick is vital,” said Maria Petousis, TGI Director at Ask Afrika.

Top 21 brands among South Africa’s youth:

# Brand Sector
1 Nokia Mobile phone
2 Shoprite Food retail
3 Mr Price Clothing female
4 Edgars Clothing female
5 Koo Tinned food
6 Coca-cola Drinks
7 Checkers Food retail
8 Samsung Mobile phone
9 Pick N Pay Food retail
10 Spar Food retail
11 Edgars Clothing male
12 Black Cat Spreads
13 Lucky Star Tinned food
14 Absa Banking
15 Simba Salty snacks
16 All Gold Jams
17 Mr Price Clothing male
18 Capitec Banking
19 SABC1 TV channel
20 Lays Salty snacks
21 BlackBerry Mobile phone

Taken from: businesstech

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