10,000 Character Limit For Tweets – Twitter Explores

Twitter’s investors have long clamored for bold changes that would reenergize the company, attract new users and lift the stock out of its doldrums. Three months into his tenure as permanent CEO, Jack Dorsey appears to be listening to their pleas. 

Twitter is said to be working on a feature that would allow users to create tweets with as many as 10,000 characters, obliterating the 140-character limit that’s been synonymous with the microblogging service since its inception, according to a report in the tech blog Re/code.  

Citing unnamed sources, Re/code said the company expects the feature, internally called “Beyond 140,” to debut around March. However, an official launch date has not been set, and the final character limit could change in the meantime, the report said. Twitter is testing a design for the feature in which tweets appear as they do now, but with an option to click to expand a tweet to see more content, Re/code said. This ”Read More” option would help preserve a design that many of the site’s core users love. Twitter already introduced a 10,000 character limit for “Direct Messages,” which allows users to chat privately, one-on-one or in a group. A Twitter spokesperson declined to comment.

The ability to view larger pieces of content on Twitter could help encourage users to stay on the service instead of jumping to other sites. This could increase the value of users to advertisers, and potentially boost users’  engagement with the site’s other features.

Although the impact an expanded character-count would have is unclear, bold experiments like this are what Twitter needs to dramatically grow its user base and boost its stock. Twitter’s user growth has stalled in the last year, even as rivals like Instagram continue to expand their audiences at a brisk pace. Twitter currently has about 317 million monthly active users.  The stock has fallen about 40% since this time last year.

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